Ways to Find Your Career Path: 5 Great Career Fields in the Future

Choosing the right career is important. This can help you experience fewer disappointments when job hunting. However, the job market is not promising. There is high competition for jobs. On the other hand, there is very little job growth in many industries. As a result, getting a job that aligns with your interests may be challenging. This is why it’s defiantly important to choose a field that’s certainly expected to grow in the future.

What is a Career? 

This is an occupation that has been undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life. A career involves multiple job opportunities which lead to progress. Note that a career is not the same as a job. The latter is something that you do to basically earn money. On the other hand, a career is a series of connected employment opportunities.  

Ways to Find Your Career Path 

Finding a good career path is not easy. The job market is diverse. There are some jobs will are going out of the market. Alternatively, there are others which are expected to be popular in the future. So, what are some of the ways you can use to find the right career path? 

Get a Mentor 

Mentorship can help you know what’s good for you. Having someone to guide you will give you better insights. This way, you will be sure that you are making the right choice. Apart from that, consult with companies and other people who work in that field. 

Create a Career Plan 

This is one of the best ways of definitely finding the right career path. A career plan helps you to create your goals. Besides that. Generally, a career plan helps you to map your journey. It’s important for highlighting the concrete milestones. 

Try an Internship 

An internship is another great way of testing the type of career you want. This beneficial, especially if you have no prior experience. Not only does it give you the real feel of the world, but you also have a better opportunity to network. Note that networking is important for any career. It increases your chances of both job and career advice.  

Take a Test 

There are numerous tests which you can use for career assessmentThey are easily available online. You can do these tests while you are still in high school or in college. A career assessment test usually matches your self-reported skills as well as interests with potential jobs. Additionally, some of them have salary information and the job growth chart. 

5 Great Career Fields for the Future 

There are numerous career paths in the job industry. But it is not easy to find out which one is the best for you. However, there are some jobs which are highly expected to have more opportunities in the futures. These career fields include:



These are data analysts. Actuaries have excellent mathematical knowledge. They are, therefore, important professionals who can analyze and evaluate data. This includes mainly financial risks. They play crucial roles in companies. Overall, actuaries provide companies, government departments, or public bodies with strategic advice.

A qualified actuary has a wide range of opportunities. This means that they should be able to get more advanced roles quickly. In case you don’t love this career path, you have an opportunity to still branch out. Some of the areas of specialization you can opt for are senior sales roles, marketing, and other roles in management.

However, the training program usually takes quite some time. A trainee study program can take between 3 and 6 years. After that, you can advance your qualifications to a higher level. Besides that, you have the option of specializing. You can choose a specific field such as reinsurance, pensions, general insurance, life assurance, investments, or simply consultancy.

What you need: strong numeracy skills and a degree in any field.

Salary expectations: a trainee can earn a starting salary of around $30,000. However, a senior role such as board position can you up to $230,000.



Both adults and kids suffer from hearing problems. This means that they might need assistance in the form of hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and lip reading. An audiologist is a person who treats people with hearing problems and balance issues.

However, you need to have good experience in order to get a well-paying job. Your skills are what will move you’re from the junior position to a manager. Thereafter, you can move to the principal or chief consultant roles. This involves scientific roles which are specifically related to audiology.

Note that you could get a role that is hearing-basedAlternatively, you can specialize in the nose and throat department. Choosing this career path means that you work for the government. Besides that, you can seek employment in the private sector. You have an option of specializing in balance, auditory rehabilitation, pediatrics, and implants.

You need to be a registered audiologist in order to qualify for jobs. So, you have to first attain the relevant working degree. Note that job opportunities are numerous and you can apply them based on your skills. You can even take up a research-based role in a university.

What you need: a degree in audiology.

Salary expectations:  the average salary of a trainee audiologist is usually around $30,000. Once you become a scientist specializing in audiology, your salary can reach $50,000.

Sales Executive

Sales Executive

Choosing a career path in the sales field can be beneficial in the long-run. Every company, especially those that sell products and services, need a sales executive. These are people who can help increase a corporates turnover. Sales executives normally have great communication skillsAdditionally, they are great negotiators.

These two skills in combination with the right business knowledge are very important. They help brands to attain their revenue goals. Besides that, it’s important in building client-customer relationshipsThe good thing is that sales departments are found in wide range of industries. So, definitely, you won’t miss out on a good job.

Roles in sales are normally entry-level positions. Note that new employees are usually given on-job training. To ensure that you adapt to market trends, training is always throughout your career.

Entry requirements: specifically depends on your field of interest.

Salary expectations: average basic salary is around $22,500 in addition to the commission.

HR Assistant

HR Assistant

These people normally handle different administrative tasks. In addition to that, they offer general support and do clerical duties. HR Assistants generally ensure that the day-to-day running of a department is smooth. They handle employee-related issues perfectly. HR Assistants have good knowledge of policiesBesides that, they have excellent people skills.

This is a versatile career path. It involves moving up within the industry. If you are well-experienced, getting a good opportunity is very easy. You can advance from an advisory level to management up to consultancy. Note that you can decide to focus on one specific area. This could be a section such as recruitment, learning, and development among others. Generally, a good number of organizations have the HR department. This means that your job prospects are definitely wide as well varied.

What you need: requirements vary from organization to organization. However, having experience and the necessary skills is good. If were an admin previously, your chances of getting employment are high. Besides that, accredited CIP qualifications can significantly improve your employability.

Salary expectationssalaries usually start at around $20,000. However, it can reach up to $ 75,500.

Web Developer

Web Developer

This is a professional who creates and designs websites. Apart from maintaining them, they also take into account the appearance and functionality of the website. First of all, a web developer needs to have programming skillsHowever, their specific roles usually depend on the client’s requirements.

Some of the specialist’s areas are such as user experience, front-end development, graphic design, information architecture, and interactive design. You can choose a specific area that you like and focus on it. You can train in this career path by joining a graduate training program. Besides that, you become a junior developer. After that, you will get a chance to engage in on-job training. This is where you will gain a firsthand opportunity to solve real-world problems.

A web developer can move from the junior position to a high-ranking consultant. The best thing about choosing this career path is that you can even employ yourself. Generally, the demand for web developers is going to increase. This is because technology is certainly needed in all sectors. So, your expertise can undoubtedly take you anywhere.

What you need: An IT-based degree and strong programming skills. In addition to that, you need to be familiar with specialist systems.

Salary expectationsa junior position can you around $28,000.

The Bottom line

Finding the career that you love can be a fulfilling thing. However, if you are just starting out, the above-mentioned tips can help you find that right career path. On the other hand, there are some careers which will have high job openings in the future. Your focus should be on those because the job market is shifting.


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