TruVision Products Review: Rip-Off or Worth To Buy?

TruFix and TruControl, supplements from TruVision have often attracted a lot of attention. Supplements play an important role in the process of weight reduction. While the capsules of Trufix are packed in a blue container, those of TruControl are packed in an orange container. Excess body weight is associated with various complications such as respiratory issues, high blood pressure, heart-related problems among others. Do you want to lose weight? If this is the case, then TruVision weight loss products will work for you. These supplements will leave you feeling better about your body within a few months.

How Trufix and Trucontrol Help in Weight Loss

Trufix and Trucontrol help in weight loss in the following ways:

  • Reduces your appetite.
  • Increases the energy level in the body.
  • Reduces your cravings.
  • Maintaining insulin and blood sugar level.

What Do The Capsules of Trufix and Trucontrol Contain?

The ingredients contained in Trufix supplement. So as to effectively help in reducing body weight, Trufix contains the following substances:

1. Green Coffee Beans

It regulates the level of blood sugar, reduces blood pressure, and increase the functionality of the brain. By performing these functions, excess fat is converted into the energy that the body needs.

2. Enzyme Raspberry Ketones

Helps in the secretion of adiponectin hormone, important in the regulation of metabolic deviation.

3. Extracts of Cinnamon Bark

Manages the level of blood sugar thus enabling one to have a lean body mass.

4. Alpha- Lipoic Acid

This is a fatty acid. It helps in the conversion of fats and glucose to release energy. Moreover, by neutralizing free radicals contained in the body, it prevents the body from gaining more weight.

5. Zinc

This ingredient gives the body strength and also boosts the body’s immune system.

6. Copper

Apart from preventing the loss of calcium, this ingredient also involved in the manufacture of the red blood cells in the body.

7. Chromium Polynicotinate

The substance regulates the level of glucose thus availing energy to the body in the process. By developing the lean muscle tissues, the rate at which the body gains weight is reduced.

8. Selenium

This is an important ingredient when it comes to fighting diseases that may infect the body.

9. Vanadium Chelate

Helps in the production of insulin. Insulin is important in the control of glucose and maintaining the blood sugar level at an acceptable level.

10. Magnesium Oxide

By acting as a supplement in the body, it supports the various body reactions.

The ingredients contained in the TruControl supplement.

TruVision weight loss product

The important ingredients contained in this capsule to enable it to function as a TruVision weight loss product include:

1. Green Tea

This ingredient has Epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG) that helps in weight reduction.

2. Octodrine

Plays a role as a stimulant. In the process, it gives you the motivation to work as well as improving your level of activity.

3. Cocoa Powder

The substance has vitamins and other compounds that give you positive moods and a fullness feeling.

4. Caffeine

Another important substance contained in this capsule. It activates as well as moderates other substances.

5. Vitamin B6

Helps the body to reduce and avoid water retention and also breaks down fats. Moreover, it keeps the level of blood sugar at an acceptable level. It also breaks down carbohydrates and proteins as it functions as a co-enzyme and also soluble.

6. Evodiamine

Reduces the rate of absorption of fat in the body and also increases the rate of metabolism in the body.

7. Ferrous fumarate

This is an important mineral that supplies the body with iron thus giving the body more energy. Moreover, it will also enable you to stay long without the urge to take food. Excess weight that the body has is lost in the process.

8. Hordenine

Being a phenethylamine, the substance increases the body’s rate of metabolism and also increases the amount of energy in the body. By reducing the level of appetite, the substance helps TruCombo perform the weight loss function.

9. Bioperine

The ingredient has a substance that burns fat while at the same time increasing the rate of metabolism in the body.

10. Dendrobium

The substance increases the amount of energy available in the body. When this substance is applied together with other substances, it helps in weight loss objective.


For those who care about their health and would like to use health supplements, TruVison avails a lot of products. The main consideration is to ensure you assess what your body needs, so as to opt for the best product. The TruVision weight loss products will work for you.

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