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Incorporated into the state of the art, Supernova Engineers Ltd is a leading provider of captive energy solutions. Supernova manufactures high-quality diesel-electric gensets for large and multi-sector retail commercial applications.

It extends to multiple hospitals, data centers, major brand resorts, the banking industry, other states, and private facilities, space research agencies, thermal firms, and stations. Supernova serves these companies and more sectors with a power that facilitates them to meet their objectives and to increase and enjoy high-end captive power solutions.

They are famous for manufacturing world-class silent DG in the range 20-220 kVA, tuned for 75 dba noise.

Diesel Gensets By Supernova


Ricardo, UK, produces diesel engines varying from 20 kVA to 250 kVA.. The entire DG Collection set of grievances from CPCB II is authorized by the National Aerospace Agency. The ISO 3046, BS5514 and DIN6271 standards were harmonized by the computer. The logical data refer to a fuel engine of 42.7 MJ / kg(10200 Kcal / kg), and 0.86 kg / liter (7.01 LB / kg gal). (10200 kcal / kg). The output of AC Generator between IEC-34 and IS-4722 is good.

Salient Features

  • Set of 2,4 & 6 Cylinders up to 250 kVa DG.
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance
  • Capacity to charge higher block.
  • Adequate for outdoor use.
  • Reliable result of technology: Money price.

Salient Features

  • For right Dg Set fule specifications, six-cylinder up to 650 KVA.
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance
  • Installation room for large frames.
  • Electronic Management System with Total Responsibility
  • Highly fuel-efficient and effective.
  • Significant fuel savings on the SFC curve part load.
  • Fast transfer and deployment compact size package
  • Outstanding strength for weight
  • Emissions and low vibrations.
  • Right valve timing and operation.


  • DG Sets open (1010 kVA or higher).
  • 1000 kVA (obligatory) Quiet DG boxes.
  • Collection of DG containerized.


  • Standard Control Panel Base Frame Diesel Engine AC Generator
  • The Silent Battery Radiator.
  • The first loading oil with the DG fuel tank collection operator
  • Sensors wire collar.


Perkins Diesel’s 400kVA-2250kVA diesel engine is the power source for this Supernova Diesel Electric gasset. Each Supernova Diesel-powered Genset is created and tested and strict value expectation is done in-house. Engine quality is linked to ISO 3046, BS 5514 and DIN6271.

The technical data refer to a gas engine of 42.7MJ / Kg(10200 Kcal / Kg) and 0.86 Kg /ASTM D975D2 Class A2, Type Liter and BS 2869 Parts 2 1998. IEC-34-IS-4722 is the result of the AC Generator.

The primary factors that make them preferred choice of consumers over other market forces are unmatched fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Supernova Perkins Euro Series key characteristics

  • For the right fule specification of Dg Set Six Cylinders up to 650 KVA.
  • Low Operating Cost & Maintenance Cost.
  • Capacity for high block loading.
  • Electronic Motor Management System with Total Regulation.
  • Highly fuel-efficient & effective.
  • Significant fuel economy on SFC curve component charging.
  • Weight to weight Great strength
  • Easier shipping and deployment Small volume
  • Emissions & High Vibration.
  • Looping or turning the correct nozzle.
  • Specifically designed for intake, air filtration module.

Final Words

Supernova is a popular Indian company. There is a wide range of supernova new generators. We’ve been generating ads for several years. From the unit to the engine, we support our clients. Our expert team always ready to encounter all the queries of our valuable customer When soon as possible, our support team will refund you.

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