Quantum Computing: All You Need To Know About (Supercomputing)

What happens when you through a small stone on a concrete pillar? How about hitting the same pillar with a massive rock? The results are predictable and this is where quantum computing comes in. for so many years, many have admired to use the supercomputers. This is because of their ability to solve complex problems in life that ordinary computers have never been able to. As much as these computers are in the phase of development, there is always hope that something better will be constructed soon. What change will these computers make in our life?

What Is Quantum Computing (SuperComputing)

When we talked about Quantum Computing (Supercomputing), you should be thinking about the application of quantum physics. Supercomputers contain large storage space than their original physical size. As you all know, ordinary computers make use of ones and zeros to execute anything. This may be a limitation as some complex problems may not be solved. Due to this weakness, supercomputers have been designed with qubits which can be ones, zeros, or both at the same time. This gives the ability to run a tedious task simultaneously.

Quantum Computing is Important Today

We live in an era of innovation where humans are struggling to make the world a better place to live. Quantum computers have received a warm welcome as their ability has shown far much beyond human imagination. Their ability to manipulate massive data within a shorter time can be a big investment in our lives. As much as these machines will be very expensive, their roles are actually worth the money.  With the use of quantum computing, industries can get more revenues. Now imagine the applications of supercomputers that is what makes this machine extremely important in our lives today.

Benefits of Quantum Computing (SuperComputing)

  • Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the major filed that supercomputers will improve. With the ability to learn from the response computer receive, it will be able to calculate the probabilities of making the right choice.  With artificial intelligence improved. There will be things like auto-piloting and robots that can help perform various tasks.

  • Molecular Modeling

Analyzing the reaction between molecules can be very tedious when you are using today’s computers. However, because quantum computers can be applied in quantum chemistry, there will be improvements in the quality of products produced such as drugs, fertilizers, and solar cells.

  • Cryptography

Supercomputers are going to improve online security. In the past few years, people operating ordinary computers have not been able to factor out larger numbers into their prime state. But those who tried it took a lot of time and resources. However, supercomputers have shown the ability to do this task faster and accurately thus improving cryptography security methods.

  • Financial Modeling

Any business sector needs to evaluate the possibilities that their operations will thrive. As much as mathematical and statistical methods have given them a clue about what they expect, there are still much needed. Thanks to quantum computing, the only powerful technique that can analyze the risks that the business is likely to face in the future.

  • Weather Forecasting

We fail to get enough food because of poor planning. Just imagine that supercomputers can predict the weather and tell you what will happen in the next 4 years? What would you do? No more death related to flood, famine, drought, or even hunger. Because people will be able to organize themselves in preparation for the impending danger.

  • Improve Medical Health

Some people stay for over 20 years before they realize they have a certain infection. As much as there are machines designed to scan for any infections, they will still never outsmart quantum computers. Supercomputing can help to analyze how diseases are formed and check for any irregular DNA sequence in the body. This can help to prevent infections such as cancer from affecting innocent citizens.

Benefits of Quantum Computing (Super Computing)

The Possible Disadvantage of Quantum Computing (SuperComputing)

  • Unstable

Quantum computing is very powerful today. However one of its problems is that they are very unstable and to maintain their normal operation, more improvements are needed. Typically, when you consider supercomputers such as D-wave, you will have to maintain their temperature at 0.02K. This makes it very unstable at a temperature above or lower than that.

  • Not Fully Invented

There are so many stories about these computers and many believe they can change humanity for a better good. What we are failing to admit is that they haven’t been fully invested and it may take time for this process to be complete so that we can get the supercomputers we are expecting.

  • Process of Development

These machines are now open only to the big companies who can afford all that cost. The biggest challenge is that it may take decades for it to be developed in such a way that it can be available in the market for consumers.

  • Loss of Jobs

Their ability to perform multiple tasks will render those who are not technology experts jobless. If supercomputers will be able to the work humans could do? What does it mean? Go home, there is no more work for you.

Bottom Line

As we focus on the downside of these computers we should look at the bigger picture. Look at what modern technology have blessed us with, powerful machines that will solve the mysteries of humankind. Quantum Computing (Supercomputing) is what we need today.

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