Sales Executive Job: Duties, Benefits, Disadvantage of It

Projections indicate that between 2016 and 2026, the sales industry will grow by almost 7%. This means that choosing a career in this sector will land you a lot of job opportunities. Note that sales executives form part of every industry. You will find them in the media, healthcare, and agricultural sector among others. This article gives an overview of the sales executive job and everything you need to know.

Who is a Sales Executive?

This is a person who acts as the key point of contact between an organization and its clients. A sales executive offers advice, introduces new products, and answers questions. Their roles in organizations involve organizing sales visits. Besides that, they establish new businesses, demonstrate, and present products to consumers.

How to Become a Sales Executive

Most organizations that hire Sales Executives require at least a bachelor’s degree in the preferred field. This could be in sales, marketing, advertisement, or a business degree. Although certifications are not normally required, it may help you to improve your professional advancement.

Note that most sales executives need to gain experience in lower-level positions first. The work environment is also varied. You might work in an office setting. However, this can be intermixed with traveling and meeting with clients. There are some companies which also provide executive sales training. However, you can still complete other competitive programs such as Executive MBA on your own.

Generally, choosing this career path is beneficial. Sales Executives are still expected to be in demand in the future. This is because more and more business organizations are opening. On the other hand, products and services have to be quickly sold in order to meet targets. This means that being a sales executive has unlimited job opportunities. Most of them earn a median salary of more than $100,000. This is a significantly high amount compared to other jobs.

Unique Benefits of Working as Sales Executive

Sales can be a very great career. You get the flexibility of working with several departments in the organization. Besides that, you have a chance of working in different settings. Some of the unique advantages of being a sales executive include:

1. Job Flexibility

This is a highly flexible job. As stated above, being a sales executive allows you to work in different work settings. On-time you are in the office, the next you are traveling, and interacting with other executives. So, it’s a highly flexible job.

2. Stimulating Work Environment

The marketing world is always changing. Therefore, you have to keep yourself up to date. This job allows you to grow in every aspect. You need to update your business savvy skills, product knowledge, and communication skills.

3. Entrepreneurship Creativity

This job gives you an opportunity to be as creative as possible. The fact that you have close competitors means that you need to have a higher level of creativity. So, you need to facilitate the formulation of unique services and products.

4. Numerous Accomplishments

Choosing this career path comes with numerous accomplishments. When your organization succeeds, you also feel a sense of gratification. There is also a satisfying feeling of providing your customers with the products or services they need. Overall, you will gain numerous rewards in the form of trips, contests, commissions, and awards.

5. High Income

This is one of the unique reasons why people choose this career path. Sales Executives can earn as high as $150,000 on average. At an entry-level, you can still earn as high as $50,000. This is a highly attractive job field that guarantees professionals handsome pay.

5 Unique Benefits of Working as Sales Executive

Disadvantages of Working as a Sales Executive

Being a sales executive is definitely rewarding. There is no doubt that job flexibility, as well as the rewards, are highly attractive. But on the other hand, a job in this field is still challenging. Some of the disadvantages of being a sales executive include:

1. Accountability and Responsibility

Even with the high income, you need to be accountable and responsible. You have to deliver numbers. Generally, the goals of the organizations have to be attained in a timely manner. This normally gives executives a lot of stress, especially during low sales.

2. It can be lonely

This can be a lonely job. Most of the time, you are always on your own. Your daily interactions with clients or other executives are mostly one-on-one. The exposure of most sales executives is mostly limited. So, if you are taking this career path, prepare yourself for a solo journey.

3. Long Working Hours

Managing the sales sector is not easy. You are going to spend long working hours strategizing and making analyses. It’s up to you for the business to generate revenue. This means that you have to spend time planning for activities which will lead to more sales.

4. Challenging

Companies are always trying to outdo each other. This means that a job as a sales executive is highly competitive and challenging. In order to reach the top, you have to do tremendous work. Besides that, staying at the top is not easy. This can be challenging and even lead to job dissatisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Overall, being a sales executive is one of the best jobs you can go for. Choosing this career path comes with a lot of benefits. The commissions, customer satisfaction, and rewards lead to personal and organizational satisfaction. However, this can also be a stressful and demanding job. The marketing sector is highly competitive and it’s easy to get dissatisfied.

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