Machine Learning Will Advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Modern technology is like a gift of nature that has enabled many people to learn the algorithms and languages used by computers.  In one way or the other, you may have used the products of modern technology. People have taken advantage of these advancements and have begun making robots and other artificial intelligence devices that help to perform various tasks. What many people are still sure of is weather Machine Learning will advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) or not. Let’s have a look at what you need to know about ML and AI.

What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Machine learning is basically the study of statistical models and algorithm used by the computer to execute any task. This knowledge can be used to program a computer to do any duty without human intervention. Artificial intelligence is the ability of computer systems to execute tasks that only human beings can do. Having talked about that, it’s believed that machine learning has a great impact on the future of artificial intelligence. Today you can still see the application of AI when used for face recognition and helping in google search.

Benefits of Machine Learning and Advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Increase Productivity

Machine learning has gained superiority today and many industries are nowadays turning to artificial intelligence machines. This is because of their ability to work without being supervised. Unlike humans who get tired and ask for leaves, AI machines will never get tired. AI can help industries to load and offload products which will be faster compared to humans.

  • Minimize Errors

Any machine that has accurate codding and well-designed hardware will never make mistakes. At the initial phase of the invention, they are always tested to ensure they are working well. What is needed is just regular maintenance. They are well known for their accuracy, speed and precision.

  • They can Work in Any Environment

We are in the edge of scientific invention and many of us wish to find answers. It’s very dangerous to send humans to the space to collect data. On the contrary, a robot can perfectly do the task for the hostile environment will not affect it. If you are to mine crude oil deep down where there is no air, you are likely to suffocate and die. AI Machine will do the task quickly and accurately without any problem.

  • They Make Quick and Reliable Judgements

As much as machines have artificial intelligence, remember they do not still possess the ability to feel and express their emotions. This feature enables them to make quick decisions without involving their emotions. They have full data so you don’t have to wait for 7 weeks to get the result. It’s just a matter of seconds or minutes.

  • Entertain

If you want to get entrained, remember that AI machines are the best. They can interact with human beings and play games with them. Your children can also get a great friend when you are away for robots can keep them happy.

Possible Disadvantage of Machine Learning and Advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • It cost a lot of time and money to build or repair AI machines (robots)
  • They are first accurate and reliable which can make humans jobless
  • They cannot make a judgment call when faced with a situation that needs consideration
  • They are limited to the programs they were designed to do
  • They can be used by terror groups to bring death and assault to innocent citizens

The Future of Machine Learning

The Future of Machine Learning

Machine learning has enabled humans to do a lot. As time keeps moving, we believe that more inventions will be made to enhance artificial intelligence. With modern technology trends that are being witnessed, these are the predictions on the future of machine learning.

  • Machine Learning as a Service

Because machine learning is widely used in business sectors. There is hope that this cloud-based service will be common and it will be used to improve the performance of many industries. With this kind of services, organizations can minimize the investments they make on their hardware and rely on MLaaS.

  • Machine Learning will be Spread Across All Devices

The invention is just in the intimal stage and you can still see suggestion when you type something on the google. The machine is trying to learn your interests and give recommendations based on your previous searches. In the near feature, apps and AI devices will incorporate machine learning. This will improve the quality of the services we get. You will not have to rely on your remote to change the channel on your TV. The AI machine will help you with that.

  • Machines will Talk to Humans

Those who get the time to communicate with Alexa (Amazon), series (apple) or Cortana (Microsoft) would know what it means to have a virtual assistant. However, there are times when you may not communicate effectively. This will never be a problem in the near features. Robots will be talking to human through natural language processing and life will be very simple.

  • More Work for Hardware Vendors

Control processor unit is the key part of every computer. As a result of these, hardware vendors will be forced to work extra miles to ensure they have CPU that can accommodate machine learning. This will create more jobs for companies dealing with this hardware.

  • Connected Data, an Easy Learning Process

Not many people believe that machines can learn. But with the information shared among the AI systems on the internet. ML algorithms will be able to learn and update their information every now and then.

The Bottom Line

It’s very clear that Machine Learning will advance Artificial Intelligence (AI). So many improvements have already been experienced and more are yet to come. This is the Way to go. With the knowledge of machine learning, we can have a better world where AI system becomes our friends and help us with our daily duties.

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