Does CBD Show on Drug Test? Reasons Behind and How to Avoid It

The consumption of CBD is in the latest trend. This is so because it offers a holistic approach against various bodily ailments. In case you are a novice, then you want to know does CBD show on drug test. This guide will make you aware of every aspect of drug testing. You will learn about the total concentration of THC used in the Cannabidiol products.

Furthermore, you will gain information on how to ace during the drug test. In case you do not want to reveal CBD on a drug testthen it is essential to take proactive measures. This way you can curb the level of THC that is easy to detect during the test.

Will CBD Show up in a Drug Test?

For starters, you won’t fail during a CBD drug test as it contains relatively low THC content. Furthermore, THC residues do get flushed out of the human body frequently. Even heavy smokers can pass the Cannabidiol drug test. Thus, the answer to the question does CBD show on a drug test, is a big no.

How Much THC is in CBD?

In short, the THC level depends on whether the CBD is obtained from hemp or marijuana plant. Does CBD show on a drug test? Well, this truly depends on usage and concentration. For instance, hemp plants have 0.3% of THC. Contrary to this marijuana has a relatively high concentration of THC. Thus, it would be wise that you read the label of the CBD product before making a purchase.

What are the Different Types of CBD?

To begin with, CBD can be categorized into three broad categories, depending on the THC concentration.

  • CBD isolate

If you are concerned regarding does CBD shows up on a drug testthen go for CBD isolate. Moreover, CBD isolate is extracted from pure hemp plants. Thus, this product only has a high CBD concentration and used for medical uses. CBD isolate can be purchased in the form of tincture, oil, solid slab, or crystalline powder.

  • Full-spectrum

Purchase full spectrum CBD for the holistic approach. This product has THC, CBD concentration, along with several plant extracts. Full-spectrum CBD can be purchased as a serum, tinctures, creams, lotions, edibles, etc.

  • Broad-spectrum

Lastly, broad-spectrum Cannabidiol products are high in demand. This is so because it has a relatively high quantity of antioxidants and plant extracts. The THC concentration is around 0.3%. Thus, you can easily pass the drug test right after the consumption of CBD.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

All in all, metabolism and body fat plays a great role in the digestion of CBD. Higher the dosage longer is the digestion period. Additionally, gender as well as age group also plays an important role in the metabolism. Mild CBD dosage takes 2 days to exit the human body.

Furthermore, a heavy dosage takes up to 5 long days to exit the human body. There is nothing to concern about as CBD doesn’t have any side effect and does not get you high. Most importantly, THC can be traced from the hair follicles. Thus, it would be better to use detoxifying kits in the first place.

Does CBD Show up in a Blood Test?

Initially, CBD doesn’t show during a blood test. However, if the THC concentration is high, then there are chances that it might get revealed. Thus, it would be wise either to use isolate CBD. Furthermore, Cannabidiol products that are extracted from the hemp plant have a relatively low THC level.

How to Avoid Failing a Drug Test With CBD?

Frankly speaking, there are several ways with which you can pass the CBD drug test with flying colors. Some of such tips are discussed below.

  • Avoid using CBD beforehand

One of the best ways to avoid the detection of CBD is to stop its consumption beforehand. CBD gets metabolized by the body and expels from the system within 48 hours. Thus, you will be able to pass the test without any difficulty.

  • Detoxifying kits to avoid CBD show on a drug test

To tell the truth, CBD can stay around 90 days in your hair. Thus it would be better to use a detoxifying kit before a test. They will aid your body to get rid of THC levels that are easy to detect.

  • Cut down the THC consumption

Does CBD oil show up on drug tests or not solely depends on the amount of Cannabidiol consumed. For starters, you are required to intake a cannabidiol product that contains low THC concentration. This is so because THC is easy to detect and it helps you get high.

  • Prevent CBD show on a drug test by Staying hydrated

You can easily get rid of THC traces through urine. Thus, it would be wise to drink plenty of water after the consumption of Cannabidiol products.

  • Discontinue the use

You can ace the Cannabidiol test with flying colors by putting the frequent consumption on hold. CBD and THC do get eliminated from the body after 48 hours. Thus, your blood sample as well as urine will not have any traces of either of the two.

  • Exercise

Lastly, you can even get rid of THC concentrates while little physical activity. THC will mix with the sweat and expel from the skin pores. Thus, it is wise to go for a brisk walk or swim after THC consumption.

Bottom Line

You do not like to fail during a Cannabidiol drug test as it can lead to grave repercussions. Thus, to save yourself from penalties it would be wise to undertake proactive measures. For starters, you need to consume CBD products that have low THC concentration. Due to this, it won’t get detected during the test. Lastly, there are several factors which you need to keep into consideration. For instance, consume Cannabidiol products as per the prescribed amount. Furthermore, consume isolate CBD products to be safe. You can even get rid of THC levels by physical activities, staying hydrated, etc.

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