Business Marketing: Overview of Study in Business and Marketing

Business and Marketing go hand-in-hand. People are always looking for products and services. But since there are many business entities, marketing is important to sustain and attract new customers. There is no business without marketing and vice-versa. This article gives an overview of business marketing studies and their majors.

What is Marketing and Business Studies?

This is a study program that involves aspects of Marketing / Business studies. This involves topics that relate to an individual’s, organization and government businesses. Students are usually prepared to enter the highly-competitive and fast-paced business world.

What Does It Mean to Study Marketing and Business?

A marketing / Business studies degree will open many doors for you in your career. This is one of the best university courses to study with most in-demand jobs for most companies. There are numerous skills and techniques you’ll learn while studying business and marketing. Getting a degree in this field will help you understand aspects such as:

  • Product marketing
  • Consumer relations
  • The importance of stakeholders
  • Communications, etc.

Do you want to study in Marketing / Business? Well, this career path is not for everyone. You need to possess a combination of various personality traits first. Although business/marketing professionals usually come from various backgrounds, they tend to possess nearly similar personality traits. You need to be:

  • Self-motivated
  • Creative
  • Critical thinker
  • Decision maker
  • Detail-oriented

Reasons to Study Marketing and Business

If you are contemplating having a career in the business sector, then you should consider doing this course. This is one of the best university courses that’s in-demand. Apart from being self-employed, you can also work with the biggest organizations in the world.

  • Course Combination

These are versatile courses that are normally combined. Besides that, they easily go hand-in-hand. You can study it with IT, and Economics among others. The availability of joint honors allows you to study it in the context of another course or subject.

  • Diverse Career Choice

Business/Marketing is a diverse career path. You can be a marketer in diverse types of industries. This includes sectors such as health, agriculture, sports, and entertainment among others. You can have an illustrious career, moving from one field to another in different ranks.

  • Self-Employment

After completion of your degree or masters, you can decide to employ yourself. This program equips you with the necessary skillset that you need to survive the business world. So, instead of waiting to get employed, you can employ yourself.

  • Highly-Competitive

The business and marketing are among the most competitive industries. This is where your creativeness, decision-making, and marketing skills come to play. Whether you are self-employed or working for an organization, this is a highly stimulating career path that’s full of challenges.

  • Marketers Will Always be in Demand

As long as the economy exists and is growing, marketers will always be needed. This is a vital role for the growth of any business that wants to make profits. So, a degree in marketing, especially from a recognized university means that you will never miss out on a good job.

What are the Types of Marketing and Business Majors?

Choosing an undergraduate major in any area of business or marketing can be daunting. There is a wide range of majors to choose from. Besides that, they all vary significantly. If you are considering working professionally for organizations, here are some of the majors you can focus on:

What are the Types of Marketing and Business Majors

  • Entrepreneurship

If you aspire to work for a business organization or your own, then getting a degree in this field is a smart move. Majoring in entrepreneurship gives you a chance to gain set skills such as marketing, business strategy, and accounting among others.

  • Accounting

This is a business major that allows you to pursue positions in tax, accounting, and finance. Note that accountants normally have great and guaranteed job security. Well, this is because they are professionals who will be always in demand.

  • Marketing

Focusing on this major means that you can get job positions such as a marketing manager, coordinator, or specialist. These professionals normally work in a wide range of organizations. They are responsible for ensuring that an organization retains and attracts new customers.

  • Statistics

A major in statistics will equip you with knowledge on how to collect, organize, analyze and interpret numbered data sets. Note that these skills are in demand across all industries at the moment.

  • International Business

The current economy of most business is global. The main goal of most corporations is to do business internationally. So, a major in international business means that you have a chance of working in diverse environments. You will be equipped with skills on how to expand markets, cultural behaviors, and global operations.

Future of Marketing and Business

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates the job outlook for marketing/ business to be around 10%. This is between 2016 and 2016. Overall, this is a high number than the average of most fields. As of 2018, the median pay of marketing, promotions, and advertising managers was around $130,000. This is a significantly high amount of income.

Entry-level professionals usually get a starting salary of around $40,000. However, there are numerous opportunities for promotions. In addition to that, you get a salary increase depending on your field of expertise and where you work.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that is you study in Marketing / Business studies you are setting yourself up for success. This is one of the best university courses to study. As long as there is an economy, businesses will always exist. This means that marketers will always be needed. Apart from the good pay, you also get a chance to work in a diverse range of industries.

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