Best Courses to Study at University in 2020

The professional world has significantly experienced massive change. Over the last decade, the change has been more drastic. This is because of the new technologies which are now being introduced to the market. Mechanical and laborious works are no longer in demand. This is because modern technology and innovation are replacing them. Most careers that are in demand relate to STEM courses. This includes courses found in areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. To most students, going to university is an exciting period. But before you join one, it’s essential to choose the best career path. Choosing the right place and type of course to study will save you from so much drama in the future. This article offers an overview of the best university courses to study.

What are Best University Courses to Study?

A course is an individual subject that you study at university. It may also mean an entire program that’s offered in a faculty. Students are normally awarded grades or academic credit after completion of their courses. After fully completing a course, you will graduate with a degree or an equivalent.

How to choose University Courses to Study

The most important thing is a student’s life is choosing the university course. Because this what will determine the field they will work for in life. Its, therefore, important to ensure that you choose the best career path. But how do you go about this?

Choose the Right Subject Area

 Before you apply to any university, make sure that you know exactly what you want to study. There is a huge variety of subjects that you can consider. However, this is usually confusing. So, the first step is to make sure that you know what subject area you want to focus on.

Find the Right Course and Decide How You Will Study It

 Do you want to study BSc or BA?  Besides that, would you want to do a foundation year course first or a joint honor? All these are important factors to consider when choosing a course. Once you have established what you want, you need to decide how you will study it.

Some of the courses that you can study include bachelor’s degrees, diploma in foundation studies, foundation years, foundation degrees, degree, graduate-level apprenticeship, HNDs, HNCs, and other incremental roles.

Based on how to study, do you want to a part-time or a full-time student? Besides that, are you interested in Distance and blended learning or accelerated degrees? If you are employed, you can also consider work-based learning.

Choose your final courses

It is important to establish your final priorities. This usually involves choosing the core courses that you are happy to study. Note that your final courses should align with your interests. This is because they have a great influence on your career path.

Send your Application

Go through your application. Verify the details and then submit it. Make sure that you send your application earlier enough. This helps to minimize the chances of errors that comes with rushingAvoid submitting your application on the deadline day.

5 Best University Courses to Study

There are numerous courses to study at university. This ranges from humanities, sciences, business, and administration among others. But with the world-changing at a faster rate, it’s important to analyze the best university courses to study. Healthcare, engineering, IT, Marketing, Business, and Math’s are some of the fields that will never go out of style. The top 5 courses to study at university at the moment include:



Nursing is not only one of the best university courses to study, but it’s also one of the safest career choices. It doesn’t matter where you are, because nurses will always be needed. This is a highly rewarding profession with a highly impressive salary. Although it’s wide, you can specialize in one area.

The best institutions to study nursing include the University of Technology, Sydney, and the University of Pennsylvania. Although previously you needed to have a diploma and relevant certifications, it’s important to have a degree at this point.

Other Things to Consider: note that if you want to be a fully licensed medical practitioner, then you should focus on paramedic science instead of the medical school.

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics

We are in the digital era. This means that STEM courses are the real deal. Mathematics is undoubtedly the king of all the STEM subjects. So, getting a degree in this field will certainly expose you to a wide range of opportunities.

At the moment, the graduate numbers of mathematics and statistics students are relatively low in the US. If you can take a chance and follow this career path, there are high chances that you won’t miss a good job opportunity. Some of the top universities that are good for this course are MIT and Princeton.

Mathematics is a highly versatile field. Its best career path for those who are interested in risk management, analysis, financial analysis, economics, and data science. What makes it one of the best university courses is that it’s highly sought after. Besides that, it’s well-paying. You can apply your knowledge of mathematics in areas such as science, cybersecurity, and cryptography.

Other Things to Consider: most institutions offer mathematics courses alongside statistics. Well, this is because a degree in statistics is also in demand. Note that you can also pursue actuarial science, but only if you are interested in risk management.

Computer Science

Best Courses to Study - Computer Science

This is definitely one of the best university courses to study at the moment. Computer Science is an IT-based course that has the highest-paid roles in the world. So, having a degree in this field will quickly offer you direct access to these opportunities. To ensure that you even stand out, combine a degree in computer science with good business understanding as well as other transferable skills.

The best schools to study computer science is Stanford and MIT. Note that you can be a software engineer in fields such as cloud management, networking, and architecture. So, you don’t have to specialize in programming necessarily. However, you must consolidate your skillset by doing some of the sought-after qualifications in the industry. Besides that, you can do a postgraduate study.

Other Things to Consider: You can still do anything that has similar qualifications to computing. This can be a standalone specialist degree like cybersecurity and software engineering, among others.

Mechanical Engineering

Best Courses to Study - Mechanical Engineering

The E in STEM stands for engineering. Among all the university courses, STEM is the most popular. Mechanical engineering is currently the most employable degree program at the moment. It provides professionals with chances of working in a broad field. The top institutions to study mechanical engineering are MIT, ETH Zurich, and Stanford. 

Other Things to Consider: apart from mechanical engineering, other employable disciplines in engineering are chemical, aerospace, and electrical engineering.

Marketing / Business

Best Courses to Study - Marketing / Business

Entrepreneurship is now booming. From physical to online businesses, this sector is rapidly growing. To be a successful and notable business person, you need to have a degree in marketing or business. This is the best source of foundation. It’s not easy to scale the business world, but having the right skill set will help you navigate through it. Top schools for this course include Stanford and INSEAD. If you want to be an early riser, then you should study management qualifications and MBAs.

Other Things to Consider: apart from Marketing/Business, a degree in economics is also marketable.

How to Make the Best Career Choice

Making the best career choice isnt easy. We all have personal interests. On the other hand, the professional world is quickly changing. Soit’s essential to align your passion with what’s marketable. Ways you can use to make the best career choice include:

  • Understand your passion.
  • Look for a mentor or a career counselor to get an overview of the job market.
  • Make sure that you fit the requirements of that course.
  • Search for the best universities or colleges that offer that course. If you can’t afford the full tuition fee, you can look for scholarship opportunities.
  • Thoroughly prepare for screening and entrance exams.

The Bottom Line

To most students, universities are some of the most exciting places to be. But the main reason why people go to university is to study. Understanding what you want is essential for your career. However, this is not an easy process. The job market is diverse, and things are quickly changing.

The courses mentioned above are some of the best to study at university. They not only fit in diverse industries, but you can also find placements nearly everywhere. Besides that, the salary is also good. Research reports indicate that these degrees arehighly employableFurthermore, all of them represent a flexible pathway into a variety of industries.

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