Are Diet Shakes The Best Way to Lose Weight?

Are you trying to lose weight? If so, probably you have heard of diets based on diet shakes. Those are an easy way to curb your appetite and lose weight quickly. They consist of mostly protein (coming from different sources depending on the type of shake you choose), vitamins, and minerals, so they can be used to replace several meals as a means to lose weight.

What is called a Diet Shake?

Diet shakes come in different forms. Some come straight from a bottle or a can and all you have to do is drink them. Most of them come in powder and you have to mix them with water or milk. They usually come with a large amount of protein in their composition, a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are meant to be used as a replacement for meals and they help you curb your appetite on a diet.

How do Diet Shakes Work?

Diet shakes work best if they’re combined with a healthy meal per day. For weight loss, you should replace two of your meals with diet shake and then have a nice dinner with plenty of vegetables and lean meat that will offer you the nutrients you can’t get from diet shake. Studies show that it’s better if you combine your diet shake with one or two snacks along the day and then a healthy dinner than if you were to base your diet solely on diet shakes for weight loss.

Although diet shakes are meant to give you all the nutrients you should get on any meal, studies have shown that it’s easier to lose weight if you have a large variety of foods in your weekly menu. As an example, you can have a diet shake in the morning, another one for lunch, and then for dinner cook some fish and vegetables.

Health and other Benefits of Diet Shakes

Health and other Benefits of Diet Shakes

Diet shakes for weight loss are highly effective in curbing your cravings for foods that will make you gain weight, like processed meals and sweets. So, they’ll not only make you lose weight, they’ll help you maintain it and have a healthier diet in the process. Look out for the ingredients in diet shake as a few contain too much sugar. You can pick either whey protein, beef protein, egg white protein, plant protein, soy protein… there’s a lot of variety in the market among diet shakes that will provide your body with most nutrients it needs. They’re healthy in that they offer a lot of vitamins and minerals besides protein, which will fuel your body and help you stay slim.

Risks and Side Effects

Some diet shakes contain ingredients that are not safe for continuous consumption, like lead, per example. They are not highly regulated since they are considered supplements, so you should always be careful with what you’re taking. Read the ingredients on the label before purchasing any diet shake. Some side effects of diet shakes include gas and bloating, and they can also make you nauseous. Some people even reported vomiting as a side effect of using diet shakes, so you need to be extra careful in choosing the right diet shake for you. A few diet shake include lots of sweeteners in their composition, which might cause spikes of sugar in your blood. Other artificial sweeteners might not be easy to digest and cause the side effects we reported.


Diet shake reviews found that three of the diet shakes used for testing contained high amounts of contaminants such as cadmium, mercury, and even arsenic. It can be useful to look up studies about the sort of diet shake you’re going to use to lose weight so that you can make an informed choice before diving in. However, these contaminants are obviously not on the labels for your diet shake, so it’s another good reason not to replace all your meals with diet shakes and keep a balanced diet even while using protein shakes.

Final Words

Diet shake for weight loss can be a solution if you’re always in a rush and don’t always have time to prepare healthy meals. However, you should always mix them with fruit and a solid meal composed of lean protein and vegetables that will give you the rest of the nutrients your body needs. Studies prove diet shakes are effective for losing weight if combined with a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables.

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